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Metsovo is one of the picturesque and traditional towns of Greece. It is built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 1156m. and is located in one of the highest mountaintops of Pindos, at the borderline of Epirus, Thessaly and West Macedonia. It is the capital of the homonymous county, having a population of around 6000 residents.

The Municipality of Metsovo includes the town districts of Metsovo, Anilio, Anthohori and Votonosi, expands over 200.000 sqm and has a population of around 6000 residents.

On the north side, it borders with the prefecture of Grevena, on the east and southeast with the prefecture of Trikala and on the west and southwest with the rest of the prefecture of Ioannina.

Metsovo is the capital of the municipality, built at an altitude of 1200m. at the borderline of Epirus, Thessaly and West Macedonia.

Anilio is located opposite from Metsovo, Anthohori is located on the south side and opposite from that is located the village Votonosi, next to the Metsovitikos river and along the Ioannina Trikala highway road.

The municipality covers the south end of north Pindos and lies between two of the tallest mountains of Epirus, Mavrovouni (2160m.) on the north side and Lakmos or Peristeri (2295m.) on the south side.

The landscape is particularly mountainous with extreme elevations and lots of forests where many wild species of local fauna can find shelter.

The hydrographic area network is abundant. This is the place where river Aoos flows from and forms the homonymous artificial lake. The river flows on the north side and through Albania ends up in the Adriatic Sea. River Arachthos flows on the south side and ends up in the Amvrakikos bay.

The climate is continental with a long and harsh winter, heavt rainfall and snowfall.

The high altitude and the climate of the area determine the residents occupation. Most of them work in the wood processing industry (carving, furniture, temples, barrels etc.), stockbreeding and cheese-making and tourism which is a rapidly evolved sector lately. Fewer residents are occupied in the farming sector.

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