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Metsovo is the appropriate place for the visitor/tourist that wants to get involved with winter sports. In a very short distance from its center (3km), it offers ski centers that give the opportunity to practice both downhill skiing as well as cross country skiing for the ski and nature lovers, in one of the most beautiful tracks in the world. Moreover, the visitors can ride snowmobiles and drive around the Metsovo upland and the area known as Politses.

Metsovo is also ideal for climbers and hikers and even a novice climber can enjoy the beauty of the area forests. (Aoos lake, Valia Calda National forest, etc.)

Finally, in a very short distance from Metsovo, there are the cities of Ioannina and Kalambaka. In Ioannina (60km from Metsovo), the visitor can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Ioannina lake, visit the lake island where he can see the house of Ali Pasha, visit the Perama cave (one of the most beautiful and older of Greece), admire the P. Vrellis Museum of Greek History with the superb wax statues, admire and buy silverware crafted by the famous silversmiths of Ioannina and many more. In Kalambaka (70km from Metsovo), the visitor can admire Meteora and visit their famous monasteries.
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