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Of Metsovo

Metsovo is one of the picturesque traditional cities of Greece. It is built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 1,156 m. And is located on one of the highest mountain peaks of Pindos, at the border of Epirus, Thessaly and Western Macedonia. It is the capital of the homonymous province with a population of around 6,000 inhabitants.
The Municipality of Metsovo includes the Municipal Districts of Metsovo, Anili, Anthochori and Votonosi, has an area of about 200,000 acres and a population of about 6,000 inhabitants. It borders the Prefecture of Grevena to the north, the Prefecture of Trikala to the east and southeast and the rest of the prefecture of Ioannina to the west and southwest.
The seat of the Municipality is Metsovo, built at an altitude of 1,200 m. At the border of Epirus, Thessaly and West. Of Macedonia. Opposite Metsovo is built Anilio, further south Anthochori and opposite it Votonosi next to the Metsovitiko river and along the national road Ioannina - Trikala. The Municipality covers the southern ends of northern Pindos and stretches between two of the highest mountains of Epirus, Mount Mavrovouni in the north (altitude 2,160 m.) And Mount Lakmos or Peristeri in the south (altitude 2,295 m.).
The soil is very mountainous with intense soil eruptions and many forests where many species of fauna of our country find refuge. The hydrographic network of the area is rich. Here originates the Aoos that forms the homonymous artificial lake that flows north and through Albania flows into the Adriatic, the Arachthos that flows south and flows into the Amvrakikos gulf, the Pinios etc.
The climate is continental with long and harsh winters, heavy rainfall and snowfall. The mountainous area and the climate also determine the employment of the inhabitants. Most of them are engaged in the processing of wood (carved, furniture, iconostasis, barrels, hives, etc.), livestock and the production of cheese products, tourism where in recent years there is a rapid development and to a lesser extent in agriculture.
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Nature Activities in the Area

Metsovo is the right place for the visitor / tourist who wants to do winter sports. It has a very short distance (3km) from the center of ski resorts where there is the possibility to go downhill skiing but also one of the most beautiful slopes in the world cross country skiing for ski and nature lovers. . He can also take snowmobile rides on the plateau of Metsovo in the area of “Politses”.

Metsovo is also ideal for climbers and walkers where even the novice climber can enjoy the difficult beauties of the area (Aoos spring lake, National Park “Valia Calda” etc.

The area of Metsovo

Metsovo is one of the most picturesque, traditional settlements in our country.

Cultural Activities in the Area

At a very short distance from Metsovo are the cities of Ioannina and Kalampaka. In Ioannina (60km from Metsovo) visitors can admire the wonderful landscape with Lake Ioannina, visit the Island of the Lake where they can see the house of “Ali Pasha”, visit the cave of Perama (one of the the most beautiful and oldest in Greece), to admire the museum of Greek History of P. Vrellis with the wonderful wax figures, to admire and buy silverware of the famous silversmiths of Giannio and much more.

In Kalambaka (70km from Metsovo) the visitor can admire Meteora and visit their famous monasteries.